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Here I tell you about Dell xps13 laptop, it is small and totally decent from others laptop. Here I describe XPS 13 laptop in detail with QHD touch screen and window 10. 

Issue1. Battery life 

The battery of the Dell XPS 13 is amazing, running a QHD touch screen is very intensive. To know more about battery you can do this.  

  1. Update the BIOS as Dell released a fix that may achieve 25% more life. 

  1. To reduce power draw dim the screen little bit. 


    Issue2.  Display driver issue 

    There is software which decided the problem of the display driver by it won. Dell recognized an issue and released an updated graphics driver. 

  1. You can download the latest graphic drivers from Dell support website.

  1. Install then click yes for change in your pc, let wizard install the driver new one. 

  1. Reboot your laptop and you can retest it. 

      Issue3. Fix the webcam 

       The webcam on the XPS 13 is positioned oddly and was best at taking shots of the nostril. It is little clunky, you can do something about that. 

  1. Press alt, ctrl, home key and left arrow on your XPS, the screen will rotate 90 degrees. 

  1. When you are using webcam then turn your laptop. 

  1. Press alt, ctrl, right arrow and home key to return to the normal page. 


         Issue4. Fix the audio 


One of the common problems of this XPS 13 is about the audio. When you wake the computer it crackles or doesn’t work. A driver installs will fix this. 

  1. Select device manager by right clicking on windows

    start button

  1. Within the window highlight the audio device 

  1. Select update device driver by right clicking on it. 

  1. For manual driver downloading visit the Dell support website or Dell product support website. 




              Issue5. Disconnecting USB-C 

USB-C is a great upgrade in Dell XPS 13, dell is aware and the workaround until a patch will be released. By disconnecting or reducing the output of the Wi-Fi will stop this. 

  1. Select device manager by right clicking on windows start button 

  1. Select properties by right clicking on Wi-Fi card 

  1. reduce Wi-Fi option by selecting advance option 


                               Issue6:  Wi-Fi signal strength 

                         One of the other issues is weak Wi-Fi signal keeping router few feet away can loose the                          Strength of the signal.   

  For more visit this site …… 

  If you have problem regarding Dell then visit Dell customer support center 

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